Establish a Successful Fraud Management Strategy

Fraud pervades every channel, and as a result, credit unions not only want help with fraud, they want to keep pace and establish successful fraud strategies to address fraud while maintaining the experience their members expect from their credit union. It's a delicate balance between a credit union's risk tolerance and ensuring a seamless member experience. There's the desire to stop fraud, but not with too tight of a threshold that it jeopardizes the experience of good transactions.


PSCU's proprietary Linked Analysis technology links all the data collected by our set of next-gen fraud technologies to use Machine Learning for analyzing every transaction, interaction and event in one comprehensive platform, while empowering credit unions to create the experience they want.

Monitor & analyze every single transaction, interaction and event across multiple channels your members engage in -linking and analyzing with Linked Analysis and Machine Learning to determine fraud events
Prevent losses when we engage the member through a number of ways (live agent, two-way recorded and text messages to members)to confirm any suspicious transactions and block the account from any further losses
Recover post-fraud costs with our tenured case management representatives who process chargebacks in a full-service environment where our latest investments in optimized disputes processing and Merchant Recovery improve the member's experience with fraud
Customize and create the fraud experience you want by adding a dedicated Risk Program Consultant who will provide concierge-like service, customizing unique strategy deployment that's specific to your credit union's specific fraud mitigation needs

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