Data Science and Analytics

Interpret Member Data to Deliver Personalized Experiences

Proper data management is key to integrating member data effectively, allowing credit unions to make strategic, informed decisions through:

  • Access to and interpretation of enriched member and cardholder behavior data to create a holistic view
  • Tools to sift through thousands of data points to better understand members and identify actionable insights
  • Benchmark data for competitive analysis
  • Data across channels from card, bill pay, digital, mobile, contact center and branch reporting
  • The ability to anticipate members’ needs and customize experiences

PSCU’s hosted, end-to-end Data Science and Analytics solution suite can help you meet these needs and more. The solution includes comprehensive data protection and the ability to analyze collective enriched data from credit unions. You’ll gain a holistic view of member behavior to drive actionable insights and create personalized experiences.

Connected Platform: PSCU’s Data Science and Analytics offering connects solutions and channels across its rich data warehouse and robust analytics engine to deliver personalized experiences.

  • Connects Payment Solutions, Digital Experience, Strategic Consulting, Contact Center, Fraud and Risk Management and Data Science and Analytics
  • Engages across channels from card, bill pay, digital and mobile to contact center and branch
  • PSCU’s robust technology stack integrates payments systems with fraud analytics and marketing engines, transforming holistic member data into behavior-based, actionable insights
  • Multi-layer analytics platform transforms our robust aggregated data into actionable intelligence, allowing credit unions to customize experiences
  • Leverage APIs to securely collect and transmit data, linking events across various platforms to establish 360-degree view of the member
Data Enrichment
Enhance your data through Identity Intelligence and Scoring Solutions to improve data quality and enable keener insights into your members.
Predictive Analytics
Provides best-in-class scoring models that uncover key insights to guide precise and informed decisions.
Member Insight
Rich reporting and dashboard tool provides a deeper understanding of member behavior to identify growth opportunities and risk exposure. The art and science of data analytics drive performance improvement strategies and tactics across an ever-growing range of industries.
Client Success
Leverage our team of data scientists, strategic consultants and marketing experts through training, consulting and outsourced services to help you execute upon recommended growth and marketing strategies.

Your mission is our mission.

As a trusted partner and an extension of your credit union, PSCU helps you provide the personalized, connected experiences your members expect. Let us help your credit union thrive. Partner with PSCU today.