Rewards Programs Grow Revenue, Engagement and Retention

A payment card rises to top-of-wallet status for good reason. Loyalty programs that incent payment card account usage are proven to drive over 40 percent more spending than accounts with no rewards incentives. Additionally, members who use rewards-based cards carry higher balances.

PSCU’s versatile loyalty solution set enables Owners to connect with and serve a wide spectrum of member preferences and lifestyles. From special discounts at regional and national merchants, to cash rebates and extra points for using multiple credit union services, flexible rewards programs help Owners grow and build member satisfaction and loyalty.

The growth results from loyalty programs make it well worth the investment for credit unions.

Consolidated platform for points and cash
Expanded APIs and integration opportunities
Multiple redemption options including point of sale, online shopping, travel, gift cards and points to cash
Pre-built and custom report templates at your fingertips through Member Insight, plus efficient program management using self-service tools
Unparalleled risk management practices protect cardholders against loyalty fraud

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