Data Enrichment

Improve Data Quality and Enable Better Insight

The more you know about your members, the more you can optimize and safeguard their experiences while making more informed account decisions.

Enhance your data through PSCU’s Data Enrichment solutions to improve data quality and enable greater insight into your members.

PSCU Identity Intelligence Solutions

Cardholder interaction with financial institutions is ever-changing. Consumers are using multiple channels and different devices and expect immediate, convenient and safe access. PSCU’s Identity Intelligence Solutions deliver actionable identity intelligence, allowing your credit union to focus on your members’ experience and combat fraud with minimal friction by providing a concise, 360-degree view of identity risk at every point of the member lifecycle.

Identity Intelligence Solutions consist of three data enrichment strategies:

Identity Resolution – Resolves unique single identities (natural persons) with foundational enriched data and determines location-based households, with best-known demographic, contact and PII data.

  • Validate and authenticate “natural person” identities with confidence
  • Leverage deep and the most accurate data in the market so your credit union can better understand your members
  • Access to the largest and broadest data repository consisting of 80 billion records from 10,000 sources, including:
    • Identity records from all three of the major credit bureaus (non-FCRA)
    • Government Records – federal, all 50 states, local, federal courts and over 2,800 county and other proprietary sources
  • Monitor key data fields including confidence scores, best known full name and physical address, special address flag), social security number and date of birth, multiple best known phone number and phone types and deceased person indicator

Identity Resolution data has been integrated into these Member Insight solutions:

  • DataVue – new Natural Person Folder in the Card Account Activity universe
  • CommunityVue – three new Identity Resolution Data Variance reports

Identity Resolution use cases includes:

  • Knowing Your Member – resolve data gaps, maintain data quality and integrity
  • Marketing and Campaign Management – improve targeting and campaign response rates
  • Credit Bureau Scoring Validation – improve credit score “hit” rate with accurate personal data
  • Authentication – prevent and detect fraud, lower charge-off expenses
  • Channel & Servicing Event Data – integrate with Member Content channels

Life Stage Identity – (Coming Soon) Deliver attributes about product adoptions across all financial services and family and socio-economic situations/conditions.

Digital Identity – (Available 2022) Understand a member’s unique digital identity across all channels and touchpoints; best known email addresses, usage patterns and device identification (mobile and IP address).

PSCU Scoring Solutions

Access credit union cardholders’ scores easily for use in your credit granting and management decision activities. Automates the credit bureau data-gathering process through a portfolio review tool that gives you the most up-to-date predictive scores available to make more informed account decisions.

  • Partnership – PSCU’s partnership with three world-class credit bureaus (Equifax®, TransUnion®, Experian®) helps credit unions take the risk out of credit card portfolio management decisions
  • Attributes – Gather attributes such as individual monthly income, debt-to-income ratio and disposable income for use in the credit line management strategies and Adaptive Control decision areas

Scoring Solutions Offerings

  • Score Source – Empowers credit unions to more effectively manage credit lines, collections and account repricing strategies and develop more tightly focused and successful targeted marketed campaigns
    • Credit Bureau Scores – Leverage credit bureau score data developed by FICO and credit bureaus agencies to offer the most advanced, updated score models in the market place.
      • FICO Score Models
      • FICO 10T Score Model – (trended data Coming Soon 2022)
      • VantageScores® – (trended data Coming Soon 2022)
    • Bankruptcy Scores – Predicts the likelihood of a consumer filing for bankruptcy over the next 24 months.
      • Score Model offered by Credit Bureau Agency
      • Score Model offered by FICO
    • Ability to Pay Attributes – Leverage cardholder income and debt-to-income attributes for credit line management strategies
    • Sensitivity Scores – Predict a borrower’s resilience during periods of economic disruptions or volatility (Available 2022)
      • Score Model offered by Credit Bureau Agency
      • Score Model offered by FICO
    • Enhanced Decisioning Attributes – Deliver a 360 view of the members’ credit file for modeling and decision-making criteria (Coming Soon 2022)

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