Predictive Analytics

Uncover Key Insights to Guide Precise and Informed Decisions

Credit unions are challenged more than ever with increased competition and changing market dynamics. To remain competitive and meet member expectations, they need powerful tools to understand and anticipate the motivations of their cardholders.

PSCU’s Predictive Analytics is an end-to-end solution to help credit unions predict member behavior using a library of proprietary machine-learning scoring models and prescribe marketing offers that yield higher response rates.

The solution combines the collective rich data of cardholders with PSCU’s robust analytics engine, human capital, proprietary data science and machine learning techniques to build models that uncover key insights to guide precise and informed decisions.

Proven Scoring Models

PSCU’s data scientists have created best-in-class scoring models, including attrition, financial hardship and growth models.


Identify members who are an attrition risk and reengage them before they attrite or become detractors
Financial Hardship

Detect cardholders at potential risk for experiencing financial difficulty and eventually charging off

Predict and incentivize members to transact more and generate interest income

Key Features

Robust Reporting
Flexible ROI Dashboards
Automated Campaign Management

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