Digital Issuance

Create Seamless, Uninterrupted Payment and Enable Cardholders to Continue Digitally Transacting

Digital Issuance provides secure real-time ability for members to continue to transact digitally without interruptions - even in the absence of their physical card through the push provision of cards from their credit union’s app to a cardholder’s mobile wallet, access to card credentials within their credit union’s app, and update to the card on file in real-time after a lost/stolen/data breach reissue.

PSCU's Digital Issuance offers cardholders the sophisticated digital banking experiences they desire and have come to expect.

The Digital Issuance solution integrates with Owners’ mobile app via PSCU's DX Mobile card management solution or through APIs.

Improve member experience by eliminating the wait for the physical card
Allow members to keep transacting when a lost/stolen event has occurred
Enable omni-channel payment experiences with the ability to use mobile in any circumstance
Achieve superior margins amongst competition with sophisticated digital solutions

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