Machine Learning Scoring, Rules and Neural Network Scoring

Get a More Holistic and Accurate Understanding of Risk For a Group of Authorizations

A neural network is a standard fraud monitoring tool -however, PSCU customizes rules and tailors strategies to fit the credit union's particular needs and creates the experience they want for their members. In addition, our tenured risk intelligence staff works behind the scenes to address suspicious activity using an overlay of global rules with the credit union's customized rule set.

Our solution pulls in both Visa AND Mastercard's Fraud Risk scores in real time and place them in our neural network within our rules. We use these scores today, in conjunction with the FICO score, the Star network score, machine learned scores and the 3D Secure score (for Card Not Present transactions) that will be passed off in the authorization.

24/7/365 multi-channel monitoring of transaction and events, and Interactions
Data mining fraud trends, managing compromised events and creating fraud prevention rule strategies
Access to dashboards, reporting and the PSCU Risk Community microsite allows our Owners to self-serve fraud data insights
A monthly Fraud Insights webinar covering current trends and industry guest speakers discussing hot topics

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