Risk Management

Mitigate All Threats To The Credit Union's Capital and Earnings

Threats to a credit union's capital and earnings can stem from a wide variety of sources. Fraud risks drive up costs, while cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities can erode member trust and delinquent accounts can slow down portfolio growth tremendously. Credit unions should receive a complete risk management experience from their payments partners, that addresses every threat, comprehensively.


PSCU's Risk Management line of business addresses the most prominent threats credit unions face through the use of next-gen fraud tools, the most advanced cybersecurity technology and an experienced team specializing in first-party and third-party collection efforts that focus on curing with member-friendly recovery services that improve the financial outcome of both Owners and members.

Monitoring, preventing and recovering fraud through proprietary Linked Analysis technology and Machine Learning
Using a PSCU-architected system and security program that considers every aspect of how we may store, collect, access, or touch your data and protects from a wide range of cyber-attacks and vulnerabilities
Providing tenured experts that serve as a single source for managing delinquencies across all loan types

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Risk Management Profile


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