Risk Management

Multi-Layer, 360-Degree Approach Protects Owners and Members

Merchants suffering data breaches, members experiencing stolen card account information and other non-fraud-related issues such as loan delinquencies and disputed transactions represent just a few of the many known risks credit unions now confront in their daily operations.

Whether from a rapid and reactive response to new threats, or proactively from analytics and alerts that monitor payment behavior and fraud trends, credit unions expect a complete risk management experience from their payments partners.

Comprehensive risk management tools and practices, backed by experienced fraud intelligence teams and deep pools of data, help PSCU Owners detect, prevent and recover losses while maintaining the strong ties they have with members.

Industry-leading protection in minimizing fraud losses
Linked Analysis sources data across multiple channels to stop fraud before it happens
18-month transaction history overlaid with analytics paints complete picture of member payment behavior
Timely communication and education keep Owners informed about scope and impact of data breaches

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