Card Management

Mobile and Online Channels to Meet Member Needs

Consumers today demand access to self-service channels in order to manage their financial account relationships. PSCU enables Owner credit unions to give members several digital self-help options to monitor their credit and debit accounts and stay informed about account activity in real time.

Mobile and online solutions give Owners a virtual branch outlet via smartphones, tablets and PCs. The card management suite of PSCU’s digital solutions lets members check their credit card accounts and keep tabs on the status of their prepaid cards and loyalty programs.

Self-service digital card account management gives Owners a preferred channel to engage with and retain the attention of members as they shift their transaction preferences to the devices at their fingertips.

Credit card account access mirrors branch functionality
APIs enable tight integration between core systems and PSCU platforms
Branding opportunities let Owners deliver a custom experience tailored for members

Your members deserve the best products & services available.

You deserve a partner who understands every aspect of your credit union. Get everything you deserve with PSCU.

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