Technology and Relationships Drive Digital Banking and Seamless Service

Integration brings together data and functionality from multiple sources into a single-service environment. PSCU’s integration capabilities use application programming interfaces (APIs), single-sign-on and batch file processing to simplify the service experience for Owner credit unions and their members.

Relationships with core system providers and technology partners, combined with PSCU’s own digital platform development teams, provide the driving force for integration services such as Data eXchange, QuickAssist, bill pay and mobile solutions.

Owners gain access to integration services that lower operational costs, improve the service experience for staff and members and serve as a resource for keeping up-to-date with dynamically evolving technologies.

Expert collaboration resources for in-product architecture and design requirements
Owners gain access to early new developments to align with their roadmaps
Efficient, secure and reliable data integration
Tenured and skilled PSCU resources have successfully integrated products with over 300 credit unions for close to 20 years

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