Digital Banking

Digital Access Grows Member Engagement, Revenue and Loyalty

A growing number of members manage their financial relationships through digital channels on their smartphone or tablet. They expect their experiences during those interactions to be fast, friction-free, individualized, secure and dependable.

Their digital access provides data-driven insights and analytics for credit unions to offer personalized experiences to members. Credit unions grow revenue through deeper and more valuable connections with members.

PSCU’s digital banking platform, Lumin Digital, helps Owners better service and build relationships with an audience that expects more from their digital interactions. The cloud-based platform provides members of PSCU Owner credit unions with a tightly integrated and contemporary experience that delivers personalized member interactions rivaling that of larger institutions. Lumin Digital solutions include seamless access to a wide array of PSCU platforms and services including cards, payments, analytics and contact center support.

The solution also enriches Member Insight data warehouse resources to reveal deeper insights into members’ payments behaviors. Integration with multiple PSCU applications opens access to additional card account services including balance transactions and the ability to report lost or stolen cards and initiate disputes.

A simple single-page application facilitates access to all enabled digital banking functions.

Continuous deployments of new features and functions
Eliminates the need to open multiple applications
Lets Owners deliver digital access to members for a growing range of banking services
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