Linked Analysis

Aggregate All Monitored Activity From Every Channel and Connect It For More Fraud-Fighting Power

Over the last several years, fraud has not only perpetrated the authorization channels, but any avenue where a fraudster can access data about a member. Once fraudsters gain access, without protection in the authorization stream, they are able to commit even more types of fraud. Without the power of linking siloed data environments of fraud detection together, missed fraud is occurring and otherwise going undetected.


Critical to fraud mitigation, PSCU's differentiation is not in the power of the individual tools we deploy, but in the proprietary technology Linked Analysis threaded through our comprehensive platform. Linked Analysis populates data in real time from multiple sources and channels and uses PSCU's fraud detection tools, leveraging Machine Learning to effectively look for trends and anomalies, as well as a team of experts behind the scenes.


We are the only group service provider that has the ability to populate and link the data across sources into a single platform to effectively analyze, prevent and, in some cases, predict fraud.

Proprietary technology using Machine Learning to connect multi-layered tools to detect anomalies
Secures a frictionless payment journey for members
Populates data across multiple channels, and not just one

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