Merchant Funded Business Rewards

Reward Business Members with Purchase Discounts and Points

Small business members account for about 10 percent of a credit union’s member base. This growing segment of members, especially in an increasingly entrepreneurial environment, demands that their payment card relationships deliver rewards for their loyalty.

PSCU enables Owners to recognize business members with points for every net dollar charged on their business credit or debit cards. Owners set the point calculation method. Like PSCU’s other rewards programs, members can redeem earned points for name-brand merchandise, travel and valuable awards from Our Amazon Store.

Loyalty and rewards solutions from PSCU help Owners and their business members lower costs and increase payment card usage.

Choose from five different points calculation methods for business members
Merchant-funded CURewards Mall helps underwrite rewards program expenses
Allow business members to shop where they save

Your members deserve the best products & services available.

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