One Lucky Member From OneAZ Credit Union Chosen as Winner of All-You-Can-Grab 60-Second Shopping Spree

PSCU’s Credit Union Magic Minute™ names first winner

St. Petersburg, Fla.– (November 1, 2017) – The Credit Union Magic Minute™ Loyalty Sweepstakes, developed by credit union service organization PSCU to help the credit unions it serves build even tighter relationships with their members, announced its first credit union winner. James C., a member of OneAZ Credit Union, was the first to be selected to take part in the thrilling, 60-second warehouse dash. Last year’s participants took home an average of $5,000 worth of items, including MacBook Airs, TVs, game systems, cookware, Go-Pros and iPads.

The Magic Minute sweepstakes works by encouraging credit union members to register their contact information on their credit union’s rewards program website. When they use their credit union’s credit or debit Rewards cards in a minimum of three transactions per week over the sweepstakes eligibility period, their name is automatically entered in a series of seven bi-weekly drawings. PSCU works hand in hand with the participating credit unions to make this exciting sweepstakes one that engages members and produces positive results.

Sweepstakes winners like James C. are rewarded with an all-expense paid trip for two to Chicago on Nov. 29 through Dec. 1, 2017, that includes airfare, meals and accommodation, and a magical 60-second warehouse dash where the goal is to load up on as much brand-name merchandise as possible before the clock runs out. A total of seven credit union cardholders and one credit union charity will be chosen as the winners.

OneAZ has partnered with PSCU for 16 years, relying on the organization for credit card services and Rewards program offerings. This is the second year the credit union has participated in PSCU’s Magic Minute.

“The Magic Minute sweepstakes is a fun way to reward the loyal members who rely on us every day,” said Dave Doss, President and CEO of OneAZ. “Plus, we see an increase in engagement from our members surrounding the sweepstakes, so it is a win-win for everyone.”

“Magic Minute helps our credit unions build even stronger and more loyal relationships with their members. We would like to extend our congratulations to James C. for being selected and wish him the best of luck in Chicago!” said Annie Cox, Vice President of Loyalty Solutions at PSCU.

The 2017 Credit Union Magic Minute Sweepstakes ran from June 19 through Sept. 24.

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