A New Day in Payments!

The days of paper dollar transactions are rapidly disappearing – even the swipe of a card is losing its luster. With more than half of U.S. consumers utilizing smartphones and tablets for just about everything, these multi-functional devices have become essential to daily life. Today’s consumers seek to leverage new technology to experience faster, easier, and more secure ways to make transactions.

PSCU’s digital payment options, which include Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Android Pay, give credit unions access to the types of payments ideas, innovations and investments that will fuel growth and member satisfaction. Here’s how:

  • Total Member Flexibility: Digital wallets give your members the option of paying for purchases when and how they want.
  • Security: The increased security inherent in digital wallets means less fraud (and lower expenses) for your credit union.
  • Brand Presence: Your credit union name and brand are present whenever and wherever transactions are made with any of PSCU’s digital wallet products.
  • Member Engagement: With a digital wallet in hand, your members are more connected with your credit union and more likely to take part in other credit union services.
  • The Cool Factor: Capture the buying power of members on the cutting edge of technology, and meet the expectations of younger generations exploring your credit union for the first time.
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