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July 01, 2020PSCU Weekly Tracker Shows Strong Debit Card Use, Slow Credit Purchase Recovery
June 30, 2020COVID-19: A Driving Force for Digital, Contactless, and Mobile Wallets
June 30, 202010 tactics scammers use to trick credit union members
June 29, 2020Will Wave of Coronavirus Infections Slow Growth? What Latest PSCU Card Data Show
June 29, 2020FICO’s Resilience Index Predicts Borrowers’ Risk During Economic Uncertainty
June 28, 2020Tweeting with #Pride
June 26, 2020PSCU reports debit spend is up, credit spend is down
June 24, 2020PSCU Virtual Member Forum: VISA’s Allie Chafey Discusses the Rise of Tokenization Service...
June 24, 2020CU Pride event calls for affirmation and inclusion
June 24, 2020Overwhelming response to AACUC announcement of commitment to change
June 23, 2020CUNA, Other Groups Found Diversity Equity and Inclusion Collective; Illinois’ CUs Join AACUC’s ‘Commitment to Change’
June 22, 2020Travel, entertainment spending remain weak despite rebound
June 22, 2020A ‘Fundamental Change’ That Deserves Attention
June 22, 2020Latest PSCU Card Data Show Spending Remains on Upward Path
June 22, 2020Eye on E-Commerce: More Older Online Shoppers; PSCU Notes Continued Strong Online Debit Use
June 22, 2020PSCU Tracking Transaction Trends Amid COVID-19: Week Ending June 14, 2020
June 21, 2020Filene Launches Center on Financial Lives in Transition
June 19, 2020PSCU Virtual Member Forum: CalCoast's Todd Lane Recounts Branch Damage Due to Local Rioting…
June 19, 2020African-American CU Coalition to Host New Virtual Event on Social Inequalities
June 19, 2020CUNA Forms COVID-19 Task Force, Aims to Become Resource for Credit Unions
June 18, 2020PSCU Virtual Member Forum: How the Rise in Contactless Payments Impacting Mobile Wallets…
June 18, 2020PSCU Virtual Forum: How to Stay Smart in Our Now Virtual World…
June 18, 2020PSCU Virtual Member Forum: PSCU’s Jack Lynch Shares Latest Disputes and Fraud Activities…
June 18, 2020AACUC To Host ‘Commitment to Change Conversation Series’; SECU Donates $125,000
June 18, 2020PSCU Joins CUES as a CUESolutions Provider
June 17, 2020PSCU Member Forum: Mark Sievewright Declares 'Carpe Diem' for Credit Unions
June 17, 2020PSCU Member Forum: PSCU's Chuck Fagan Talks Payment Trends in Conference Keynote…
June 17, 2020PSCU Member Forum: PSCU's Scott Young Discusses Focus on Faster Payments and Authentication…
June 17, 2020PSCU Member Forum: VISA's Allie Chafey Addresses Further Digitizing the Member Experience…
June 17, 2020PSCU Virtual Member Forum Coverage: CEO on the Bad and Good From Branch Destroyed Riots
June 17, 2020PSCU Virtual Member Forum Coverage: The Future Of Card Issuance/Usage
June 16, 2020PSCU Virtual Member Forum: Two Payments Issues Ahead
June 16, 2020PSCU Virtual Member Forum: Payments Landscape Shifting
June 16, 2020Spend on Retail Fuels Strong Debit Transactions, Latest PSCU Report
June 15, 2020People Will Keep on Spending and Visa Will Benefit
June 15, 2020Get to know PSCU, a 2020 Business of Pride honoree
June 15, 2020What Year-Over-Year Transaction Trend Findings During COVID-19 Tell Us About the Future
June 11, 2020PSCU On The Digital Shift And Branch Banking’s Future
June 09, 2020How COVID-19 Accelerated Contactless Payments
June 09, 2020Credit Unions’ Bid To Bridge The Challenger Bank Perception-vs.-Reality Gap
June 09, 2020WOCCU’s Global Women’s Leadership network Awards 4 Scholarships
June 03, 2020Deep Dive: Measuring COVID-19’s Impact On Consumers’ Payment Preferences
June 03, 2020CUs Eyeing Member Risk Must Look Beyond FICO Scores
June 03, 2020PSCU to Host Two-Day Virtual Member Forum June 16-17
June 03, 2020It’s Time for Credit Unions to Embrace Contactless
June 02, 2020Improvements Seen in Auto Sales, Mortgages
June 01, 2020Credit Unions Embracing Biometric ATMs Post-COVID
June 01, 2020For Sixth Consecutive Week, Credit Card Spending Improves Among Members of PSCU Credit Unions
June 01, 2020Finding a Nice Fit with Fintech
May 28, 2020Will credit unions feel a pinch from Amazon’s Prime Day delay?