Prompt Dispute Processing and Timely Resolution Mitigate Loss Exposure

Cardholders dispute credit and debit card transactions for many reasons that range from billing and statement errors to merchants’ failure to deliver products or services as promised and fraudulent or unauthorized use of their accounts. As a major touchpoint in credit unions’ service models, disputes and chargeback processes have a significant impact to profitability and member satisfaction.

PSCU supports dispute processing in a full-service environment using a proprietary workflow platform that automates and controls the timely resolution of payment card disputes according to rigid industry regulations and guidelines. During any given month, the average value of outstanding disputed transactions for PSCU Owners collectively represents over $1 million in potential risk exposure.

PSCU’s experienced dispute analysts process over 100,000 work-cases annually to build member satisfaction and lower Owners’ exposure to losses.

Analysts’ average tenure is over eight years
Real-time connections to Visa and Mastercard disputes platforms
Automated cardholder letters keep members informed of case status
Owners can access case memos and reports to monitor status of processing and outstanding disputes value

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