Delinquency Management

Single Source for Managing Delinquencies Across all Loan Types

Delinquency rates represent a key indicator of credit union financial health across all lending trade lines. The most effective loan collection activities serve the purpose of protecting a healthy bottom line. When pursued in a friendly and dignified manner, collection efforts also represent great relationship-building opportunities for credit unions.

The Loan Service Center, PSCU’s first-party delinquency management solution, supports and augments Owners’ own collection capabilities with an experienced team specializing in first-party collection efforts that focuses on curing delinquencies as early as possible. Owners specify the approach and scripting for agents and dialing tactics. When delinquencies lead to charge-offs, CU Recovery, PSCU’s third-party solution, provides member-friendly recovery services that improve the financial outcome of both Owners and members. We help you efficiently recover more of your delinquent accounts that will increase revenue and profitability.

PSCU’s delinquency management solutions serve as a full-service collection and debt recovery resource that helps Owners manage and mitigate loan delinquency rates.

Approach has resulted in over $265 million in successful recoveries on charge-offs
First-Party Collections enables lower credit union-directed costs, collection efforts and technology solutions
Connections to credit union core systems give Owners visibility into the collections process and status
Expert training keeps Owners up-to-date on best practices and tactics for resolving delinquencies

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