Card Carriers, Activation Stickers & Secure Delivery

From Production to Logistics and Secure Card Delivery, We Take Care of It for You

We work with certified manufacturers to serve as the single point of contact for both card procurement and secure issuance so that you don’t have to! From your card production, to the activation sticker, down to the carrier it arrives on, we’ll help you accomplish an impressive plastic.

Create personalized, branded letter-like card carriers in generic or custom cardstock with double-sided tape affixed for cards to adhere to securely. Add a card activation label to new and reissued plastics for either domestic or foreign cardholders. All plastics are shipped secured via an armored truck. What’s more, when plastics are shipped out to cardholders, they are mixed with other mail daily, making it difficult for large quantities of plastics to fall into the wrong hands.

Custom and Generic Card Carrier options in color and black and white
Activation stickers and secure mailing process
Secured delivery of plastics via armored truck

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