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Member Experience

“We built a better relationship with our members and I believe that PSCU is one of those companies that works just like credit unions. They are always looking out for their members just like we do for our members, so we serve almost the same mission.”

Maria Martinez, President & CEO, Border FCU


An Integrated Experience

“The investments PSCU has made in technology and infrastructure allows us to keep pace with the forever changing space that our members expect from a digital perspective.”

Christopher Danvers, VP of Digital Strategy & Payments, American Airlines FCU


Service Excellence

"There’s been a lot of investments in technology and service over time and the reality is there’s only so many partners out there that can do what PSCU can do from a breadth of services."

Jeff Schuetz, VP of Cards & Payments, Hiway FCU


Economies of Scale

"They have the team, and the data, and the collaboration, and the resources to manage and mitigate fraud at a much higher level and a much more reasonable cost than we could handle at a credit union of our size."

Debby Libengood, Director of Card Services, Justice FCU


Fraud Management

"The fraud detection call center... they’re very good at contacting our members sometimes while they are still at the cash register; that’s been quite helpful for us."

Debby Libengood, Director of Card Services, Justice FCU


24/7/365 Support

"We know that our two reps and my account exec are always there for us. We’re really happy with that."

Kathleen Harrington, President & CEO, Heartland Credit Union


Power of Partnership

“By partnering with PSCU, we’re able to leverage their technology and their resources to make vast improvements in our digital channels, which ultimately benefits our members. ”

Richard Long, VP of Information Technology Services, Pennsylvania State Credit Union


Member Insight Forum

"We’re really able to break down those analytics and use those reports to save our members money all over the place."

Brian McDuff, E Services Manager,
Pen Air FCU



"They’re predictive... they know where you want to be, the next step, that’s just rare in the business world."

Brian McDuff, E Services Manager,
Pen Air FCU


The CUSO Advantage

"It’s just a great partnership. Our cultures align."

Brian McDuff, E Services Manager,
Pen Air FCU