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Member Experience

“We are competing in a large market in the Lansing area, and what these tools do is they really make a small credit union competitive with our brother and sister, larger credit unions in the area. So we are very excited. In fact, there are some of the larger credit unions that don't offer some of these services. So it may even put us at the forefront of the wallet for these members.”

Debra Miles, Chief Financial Officer, Astera Credit Union

Data Analytics

“I was really excited to be able to understand and engage our existing cardholders and leverage the data to gain insight into the cardholder behavior and evaluate profitability…I just really can't say enough about the freedom and flexibility that [Member Insight] has provided for us.”

Shannon McCullough, Manager of Marketing & Business Development, CODE Credit Union



Service Excellence

“QuickAssist was a great enhancement for our employees. It’s more efficient. They can more quickly service our members and then get that member off the phone and service the next member.”

Elizabeth Fee, Vice President of Payments, Citadel Credit Union

Digital Xperience

“I would say our team and our members are really enjoying DX Mobile, that it is a better experience. The card controls are much more robust than we had previously and in today’s world people want that security of knowing that they can have their information right in their hand and that they can turn off their card whenever they want, look at and see what transactions have been done, so it's a great improvement.”

Diane Shelton, President & CEO, DuPage Credit Union



Power of Partnership

“We are just so appreciative of PSCU and your partnership over the years. I always tell our executive team that there are vendors and then there are partners. And I've always felt like PSCU is a true partner for us and we appreciate it.”

Pam Gilmore, SVP Alternative Delivery Channels, Founders Federal Credit Union

Power of Partnership

“It’s great to go through those situations with someone you can trust, with someone you can have a transparent conversation with and open dialogue and get to where you need to be for the members.”

Bob Bender, Chief Technology Officer, Founders Federal Credit Union



Service Excellence

"PSCU does project management the right way. It's a very thoughtful process. It's got documentation for everything…If you're going to work through a major project like a digital conversion or a debit card conversion ….. there's probably 1,000 things that have to be done for that to go off successfully, and working with PSCU, they keep it all well documented so that it's relatively painless."

Jill Thomas-Aviles, Vice-President, Payments & Deposit Operations, Jax Federal Credit Union

Member Experience

"We've seen tremendous growth in both portfolios, great fraud monitoring services, and we're always able to offer what our members are looking for, thanks to the technology and the investments that PSCU is putting into things we're able to provide those products and services that our members are looking for."

Michelle James, VP Digital Transformation, Pen Air Federal Credit Union