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Paid Internships at PSCU

PSCU is always looking for ways to bring fresh perspectives into our organization and support the continued growth of our industry. That’s why we offer two types of paid internship programs that provide juniors and seniors from accredited higher-education institutions with the chance to develop and hone their skills in business. When you intern with PSCU, you learn firsthand about the roles of financial institutions and credit unions in a healthy economy. Our business acumen training and focused learning opportunities help you gain insight into the economic impact of cooperatives, as well as the consumer-centric models for financial success. To be considered for these internships students should be rising juniors and seniors from accredited higher-education institutions that meet the minimum requirements for the role.

Summer Internship Program

PSCU’s 10-week internship program is open to juniors and seniors from accredited higher-education institutions, and pays by the hour. Interns will have the opportunity to work on specific projects within their assigned department, and also learn about business acumen and the credit union industry as a whole. Summer Internships being offered for that year are posted in the spring for application on our careers page.

Off-Cycle Internships

PSCU’s Off-Cycle Internship may become available throughout the year based on business need and availability. These internships are paid by the hour, and the length of each internship average range is 10-12 weeks. Flexible or part-time hours can be requested to accommodate a student’s class schedule.

Classes & Events

We offer a variety of events and classes throughout the internship. To name a few, you’ll get to participate in New Hire Orientation, Strengths Finder Class, Payroll Training, Finance 101, Yellow Belt Six Sigma Certification Course, 401k Learning Session, and an Interviewing & Resume Building Workshop. Plus, every intern meets with our CEO, Chuck Fagan, and the PSCU Executive Team!


If you have any questions or would like to learn more about PSCU’s internship program, please contact the Talent Acquisition Team at

An Opportunity to Build Your Future

Our college internships provide rising juniors and seniors from accredited higher education institutions with the chance to develop business skills and gain real-life experience while sharing fresh energy and new ideas. Check out what several recent interns have to say about their meaningful experiences and the value of our internship program:

From my summer 2019 internship to becoming full time in Dec. 2019 to winning the President’s Award in 2020, I have always felt engaged within my department and our projects. Building reports and dashboards for the Contact Center, I’m fortunate to meet so many great people not only within my department but also across businesses. This role has afforded me many opportunities to do meaningful work that I enjoy and allows me to collaborate with some very dedicated and talented individuals.

- Dana Leota

Dana’s mentor, Workforce Manager Jason Scott, said:
Having the opportunity to apply some of what she’s learned in school, specifically in data visualization tools such as Qlik and Excel, has been invaluable, but Dana also learned the importance of utilizing the people around her and how much of a vast resource her co-workers can be.

One of the greatest takeaways from this opportunity as a heightened sense of confidence in my capabilities. My mentors recognized my potential and consistently challenged me to strive for passion and success in my work. The freedom to lead meetings with cross-functional teams and key stakeholders certainly honed my communication, listening and collaboration skills, but it truly provided me with a stronger belief in myself.

- Jackie Dawood

The PSCU internship gave me genuine experience in the world of technical writing and editing. Though my mentor was always there to help me if I needed, I also felt like I was given a lot of freedom with my work, allowing me to become a lot more comfortable with handling my own projects and being the main point of contact for many people - something I did not feel confident in before the internship. Everyone at PSCU is so welcoming and willing to help. I could not think of a better first experience.

- Carly Daniele

During my time as an intern, the team helped me understand new programs and what is needed from me in order to complete a task. This experience helped me with understanding different programs that I never used before and also how to use the knowledge that I gained from college to help out the team. I stayed with PSCU because of how kind and patient they were with me during my time as an intern because the people at PSCU are very welcoming and will make sure you get the most out of the internship.

- Jorge Flores

Jorge’s mentor, Compensation Manager Holly Hasselbeck, said:
During his internship, Jorge truly learned the value of PSCU’s culture. He even said he felt right at home and loved every moment!

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