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Enhanced Fraud Solutions

Proactive Detection and Prevention Tools Keep Owners Ahead of Fraud Trends

The increasing reach and sophistication of criminal activity requires credit unions to add additional fraud-fighting tools and measures to guard their members’ accounts and further diminish credit unions’ exposure to financial losses or damage to the brand value.

PSCU provides its Owners with fraud management resources that deliver deeper, proactive insights into fraud activity trends that inform strategies to strengthen credit unions’ defenses against new threats that surface almost daily. Customized strategies based on industry observations from expert consultants yield recommendations for techniques to anticipate and thwart fraud attempts, while on-site fraud performance reviews enable Owners to interactively review their fraud prevention posture with expert risk management professionals. Additionally, 24/7 access to dedicated PSCU fraud analysts provides immediate responses to fraud situations and questions.

Enhanced fraud solutions give Owners additional risk management resources to adjust their strategies.

Analytics-based tools probe the cyber underground to discover Owners’ accounts susceptible to criminal activity
Assigned consultants familiar with Owners’ portfolios help interpret reports and the meaning and impact of trending fraud techniques
Monthly ongoing and automatic fraud reviews look at current rules, performance and fraud loss ratios

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