Disputes Management

PSCU’s Disputes Optimization Initiative Rollout

Delivering a Streamlined Process, Real-time Visibility, & Enhanced Member Experience

Financial institutions face many challenges in trying to deliver a seamless disputes management process. In the wake of growing disputes volumes and heightened cardholder expectations, PSCU has made a multimillion-dollar investment in disputes management. We have collaborated with market- leading technology organizations to significantly improve the process to report and resolve a dispute for both financial institutions and cardholders.

Last year, we announced our goal to deliver this new optimized process in phases and, as promised, our first phase is now live. This first phase of the new dispute management experience will allow financial institutions on the Optis platform to process credit non-fraud disputes using the brand-new technology!

As we continue to roll out phases and enhancements in the coming months, we will continue to provide updates. Please visit this site often for new information on this initiative.

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A Closer Look at PSCU’s New Disputes Management

These features fully optimize disputes management, utilizing robust technology and process automation
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Key Features of the new disputes management solution include:

Streamlined case submission process

Real-time connectivity to Visa and Mastercard

Centralized tool for all dispute claims and documentation, with enhanced automated functions for managing these disputes and documents

Case status update options for FI staff

FI-branded letters


The overall opinion from our pilots and early adopters has been consistently positive:

Upcoming Phases

Phase 1

Optis (Omaha) Credit Non-fraud disputes & General
Correspondence - Live today

Phase 2

Optis (Omaha) Credit Fraud Disputes

Phase 3

Optis (Omaha) Debit/In-house Credit Non-fraud disputes

Phase 4

Optis (Omaha) Debit/In-house Credit Fraud disputes

Phase 5

Wilmington Debit Non-fraud disputes

Phase 6

Wilmington Debit Fraud disputes

Future phases will include the additional functionality:
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Digital Delivery of Disputes
Updates (SMS/Email)

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Case Tracking Experiences
(DX Solutions / APIs)

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Additional Information will be
provided as available

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

PSCU’s new disputes management solution will positively affect both our financial institutions and cardholders, creating an efficient, transparent cardholder experience. When fully complete, dispute case status will be immediately available to both your financial institution and the cardholder via the cardholder’s preferred channel, including real-time integration with association platforms.

For your credit union, the optimized disputes process will provide a consolidated dispute/fraud platform for both credit and debit disputes, centralized case status reporting through the Disputes Portal and strategic regulatory communication through Cardholder Insight.

For your cardholders, the new process will provide real-time visibility into case status, improve speed of case resolution and provide cardholders a choice of channels for interactions around their case.

No. The cost for this initiative is included in PSCU’s multi-year investment announced at the start of fiscal year 2020.  

There are no pricing changes involved at this time.

For a full project timeline, contact your PSCU Account Executive. Key phases to rollout include:

  • Phase 1: Optis (Omaha) Credit – Non-fraud disputes – Live May 24, 2022
  • Phase 2: Optis (Omaha) Credit – Fraud disputes
  • Phase 3: Optis (Omaha) Debit/In-house Credit – Non-fraud disputes
  • Phase 4: Optis (Omaha) Debit/In-house Credit – Fraud disputes
  • Phase 5: Wilmington Debit – Non-fraud disputes
  • Phase 6: Wilmington Debit – Fraud disputes

Not at this time. Participants in the pilot program have already been identified via PSCU’s Account Management teams.

Visit PSCU’s Disputes Optimization Initiative microsite at www.pscu.com/disputes-optimization for real-time updates on  the new disputes management solution and disputes thought leadership. We will also provide ongoing proactive communications to our financial institutions, including emails, newsletter content and webinars.


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