PSCU Disputes
Optimization Initiative

Streamlined Process. Real-Time Visibility. Enhanced Member Experience.

Disputes management is a key part of the overall member experience.

When a member suspects fraud on a transaction or wants to dispute a particular merchant transaction, their expectation is that the dispute be handled quickly and that there is clear visibility into the timing for the dispute resolution.

That’s why PSCU is making a multi-million-dollar investment into our disputes management process, to significantly enhance the experience for both our Owner credit unions and your members. PSCU is partnering with two market-leading technology organizations – Lean Industries and NICE – to create a solution that will have a flexible case management system with the direct connections needed for real-time results.

The PSCU team is committed to providing you updates throughout the development process for our optimized disputes management initiative. Please be sure to visit this site for real-time updates and disputes thought leadership.

Disputes Optimization

Watch this video to learn about our multi-phased plan to streamline the entire disputes process for your credit union and your members.

Credit union members perceive – and expect – that the path to report and resolve a dispute is a simple process. In reality, the current process for resolving a member dispute is largely manual and involves multiple steps and parties, bouncing back and forth between the member, credit union, PSCU, the network and the merchant.

Our goal is to deliver an optimized process that will provide efficient resolution and clear real-time visibility to meet your members’ expectations throughout the disputes journey – leveraging technology and process improvements such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to drive the process.

Disputes Optimization Timeline


Q3: Real-time Connectivity to Ethoca (Merchant Investigations), Visa & Mastercard
Q4: PSCU Disputes Staff Pilots New Disputes Application


Q1: Pilot Non-Fraud Credit Disputes
Q2: Launch Non-Fraud Credit Disputes
Q3: Pilot CU of Fraud Optis Credit
Q4: Launch Fraud Credit Optis Credit


H1: Release of Debit Optis Non-Fraud Disputes
H1: Pilot CU of Fraud Debit Optis Fraud
H2: Release of Fraud Debit Optis Fraud
H2: Pilot Wilmington Disputes


H1: STAR Network Release

Thought Leadership

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Learn more about our plans for Disputes Optimization at PSCU. Chief Risk Officer Jack Lynch and VP-Account Recovery Paul Fenton share key insights in this recent webinar on the topic.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

PSCU’s Disputes Optimization initiative will positively affect both our Owner credit unions and members, creating an efficient, transparent member experience. When fully complete, dispute case status will be immediately available to both your credit union and the cardholder via the cardholder’s preferred channel, including real-time integration with association platforms.

For your credit union, the optimized disputes process will provide a consolidated dispute/fraud platform for both credit and debit disputes, centralized case status reporting through the Disputes Portal and strategic regulatory communication through Member Insight.

For your members, the new process will provide real-time visibility into case status, improve speed of case resolution and provide cardholders a choice of channels for interactions around their case.

No, the cost for this initiative is included in PSCU’s multi-year investment announced late last year.

There are no pricing changes involved at this time.

For a full project timeline, see “Timeline of Delivery” above. Key expected launch dates are as follows (please note that these represent calendar year, not fiscal year, dates):

Not at this time. Participants in the pilot program have already been identified via PSCU’s Account Management teams.

As we move closer to launch, we will provide educational materials to our credit unions to ensure clarity for your credit union on the benefits of this initiative and how to leverage the new tools in place.

Visit PSCU’s Disputes Optimization microsite for real-time updates and disputes thought leadership. We will also provide ongoing proactive communications to our Owner credit unions, including emails, newsletter content and webinars.

For questions, credit union Owners can contact their PSCU Account Executive or submit them via the form below.

Not right now. We will continue to share our rollout plans with our Owner credit unions and keep you apprised of progress along the way. While there is no immediate action required for your credit union, any necessary steps will be communicated at the appropriate time and with ample notice.

The new application is designed with systematic parameters set at the credit union level. These parameters, which are usually based on the dollar amount/threshold, enable the case to be routed directly to the credit union. While many credit unions set thresholds to simply resolve the case, we do encourage passing the case through the system to leverage other recovery options. Please note that cases on which credit unions request that PSCU not review for chargeback may result in a recovery with our MasterCard product, Ethoca.

PSCU’s new disputes system will have exposed APIs for credit unions to use and ingest the data needed for the processing of provisional credits. With the new disputes system, cases are created in real time so there is no delay for credit unions to run a process if they choose to use the APIs available. For Owner credit unions requesting a file for ingesting, we will have reporting both within our data warehouse and from the application for processing the actions of provisional credit.

With our direct systematic integration to the associations (Visa and MasterCard), we will be able to expedite all facets of case processing. Our new system will monitor for the settling of transactions, rather than awaiting the case worker to review the case. This will allow PSCU to feed the data to the credit unions in real time with no delay for manual review.

As part of the efficiencies gained, PSCU will be able to expand its service offering to include PIN disputes, which are in scope of the project when we migrate the Wilmington platform to the new application.

Yes, the system will show case/transactions with chargebacks processed and confirmed with the card associations. Adjustments made on member accounts will always reflect the amount processed through the association, as PSCU processes adjustments to the member account (when applicable) after confirmation from the associations. By using the adjustment data from the associations, this will also eliminate potential human error of adjusting the wrong amount and/or rejected chargebacks needing an offset.

All chargeback recovery functionality will be moved to the new disputes optimization platform. Debit and credit fraud and non-fraud disputes will be included.

Optimization for debit disputes and fraud will be part of the 2022 release period of the multi-year project.

Clients that process their own chargebacks will be given the opportunity to use our dispute management platform after it is fully implemented.

The new reporting will include current volumes and the closed case information. As part of the closed case information, we will include the close details, which will contain recovery information and the source of the recovery. Details will also include the reasons for denial (e.g., merchant credit, no chargeback rights, no response from member).

The time frames will be included in each step and will show the expiration. The credit union will be kept informed and up-to-date within the case view.

Automation is being built into the new application and will flag for manual review when the dispute details do not sync with the transaction data.

With the new disputes optimization process, the recovery of fraud or non-fraud items will begin with case creation. We will engage our preferred recovery vendor, Ethoca, at the time of case creation to expedite the recovery. Additionally, any items qualifying for systematic processing will begin.

The new application will contain all details associated with the case in one portal. Documents and status will all be accessible within one location for complete servicing of the dispute for the member.

Questions can be asked directly within the case versus going to a third application to raise specific questions about the case. Processing questions outside of a specific case should still be raised within the ticketing system.

The adjustments process will follow the current settlement process. The reports reflecting the incoming and outgoing adjustments will be the same.

Lumin is engaged to ingest the APIs for the case creation and to obtain current case status.

With the exposed APIs, credit unions will be able to have real-time case creation versus accumulating accounts and submitting in a lump. The other option is to use the APIs with the cores to submit via the API at end of day.

Evolve clients will be directed to the new Disputes Widget for case creation. Quick Assist will have the new application APIs in use.


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