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Contactless EMV: Supporting Your Members Every Day, Every Way.
A Credit Union Resource Page for the Newest Way to Pay

Twice as fast as an EMV transaction, Contactless transactions are expected to grow. Not only do they provide the best point-of-sale experience, their speed and convenience help keep your card top of wallet. As the popularity of Contactless increases and consumer adoption soars, is your credit union ready to offer it? Here’s a starting point to get Contactless cards in hand.

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Competitive Differentiation

A Credit Union Resource Page for the Newest Way to Pay

Resources and Guidance for Credit Unions

It’s never too early to start planning your contactless card strategy. Especially considering that consumer demand for speedy checkout is on the rise.

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PSCU Sees Contactless Cards And Digital Wallets As New Experience Gateways

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Contactless Security Webinar


It is never too early to start your planning. PSCU is ready to engage in building your Contactless card strategy. Contact us to start the discussion.

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Merchants with Contactless Capabilities

Many merchants are ready for your cardholders to tap and pay. Here are just a few:

Search for other Contactless active merchants near you on the Visa or Mastercard Contactless merchants locator site.

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