I’ve been employed with PSCU for 17 short years. Hired in as a Member Training Specialist in 1998, currently VP, CU Learning. It truly does not feel time has elapsed so quickly.

I can confidently say I feel I work for one of the best companies on earth! Why? Simply…. the company culture. PSCU stands firmly behind the words of our founding President/CEO as well as current President/CEO, “our employees are our biggest asset." Those words are brought to life every day in the form of actions and interactions with employees to create an award-winning, employee-friendly environment.

Employee benefits such as generous PTO and 401k plans, expanded Wellness programs, back-up child care, adoption assistance, tuition reimbursement, campus gym facilities, employee recognition programs and an awesome Healthcare suite are just a few of the programs which keep my interest in PSCU. Not to mention career development and growth opportunities. It’s common to hear clients and non-PSCU employees say the phrase “everyone is so happy there!” To sum it up, PSCU gets the honored mom’s approval!

~Sedric Cherry