PSCU Named One of Most Promising Data Integration Solution Providers

St. Petersburg, Fla. – (June 1, 2017) – PSCU, the nation’s leading credit union service organization, has been named one of CIOReview Magazine’s 20 Most Promising Data Integration Solution Providers for 2017. The annual listing recognizes companies that are at the forefront of providing data integration solutions and impacting the marketplace.

Applicants were judged on their knowledge and in-depth expertise in managing data integration. A distinguished panel comprised of CTOs, CIOs, analysts and the CIOReview editorial board selected the top players from the field of data integration. The annual list provides a look into how solutions work in the real world to get a comprehensive understanding of what technologies are available in the marketplace today.

PSCU has provided robust payments solutions for four decades. Today, the company’s APIs allow Member-Owner credit unions to customize the user experience, which is a growing trend in the industry. With complete flexibility from reliable and trusted API services, applications for members and credit union staff can be customized to deliver a unique experience quickly with accurate information. Integration with real-time transactions supplements the traditional batch loads and offers members and credit union staff access to the most current data. Proprietary platforms like Data eXchange and Quick Assist further demonstrate PSCU’s commitment to facilitating the optimal member experience.

“Nearly every service we deliver is capable of being integrated in some way. Real-time integration is key for members and credit union staff that expect the right information, right now,” said Denise Stevens, PSCU’s SVP, Product Delivery and Innovation. “PSCU will continue to strive to deliver a superior member experience while also improving efficiency at every touch point.”

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About PSCU

Established in 1977, PSCU (St. Petersburg, Fla.) is the nation's leading credit union service organization (CUSO). The company was recognized as CUSO of the Year in 2016 by the National Association of Credit Union Service Organizations. PSCU’s products, financial services solutions and service model collectively support over 850 Owner credit unions representing more than 20 million credit, debit, prepaid, online bill payment and mobile accounts; protect over 2 billion transactions annually from fraud; and optimize credit union performance and growth. Comprehensive 24/7/365 member support is delivered through call centers located throughout the United States. For more information, visit