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New Iteration of PSCU’s QuickAssist Helps Credit Unions Further Deliver an Exceptional Member Experience

Servicing tool enables front line efficiency for credit and debit through fast, real-time resolution

St. Petersburg, Fla. – (Nov. 16, 2017) – PSCU continues to develop innovative solutions that enable credit unions to provide an unparalleled member experience. It has now released QuickAssist for debit, enabling better service and front line efficiency for both credit and debit. PSCU’s QuickAssist is a web-based solution that helps front line credit union staff more rapidly and efficiently resolve member requests for service on accounts that reside on PSCU-hosted systems. By leveraging single sign-on from the credit union’s core application, QuickAssist integrates data and systems to improve the credit union staff and member experience.

In alignment with its agile development process, PSCU first introduced QuickAssist for credit functionality. The implementation process for QuickAssist is quick and seamless and requires a very low level of effort from the credit union, and 80 percent of all routine inquiries and actions needed to serve cardholder needs can be done via QuickAssist. Credit union users quickly noted the benefits of QuickAssist, all of which ultimately lead to cost savings for credit unions.

“We were very excited to roll out QuickAssist for credit,” said Pam Gilmore, SVP, Alternative Delivery Channels at Founders Federal Credit Union (Lancaster, S.C.), a current QuickAssist user. “For so long, our front line staff had very limited access to credit card information and had to call our Card Services team for questions on transactions, APRs and more. QuickAssist’s single sign-on was a huge win for us. We have received many positive comments from our branches since launch.”

According to feedback from Member-Owners currently using QuickAssist’s credit functionality, the platform’s online disputes functionality has been a game changer, as credit unions would previously have had to complete a form by hand and fax it in – QuickAssist has streamlined this process. The platform’s simple, intuitive interface and ease of use are also key features.

QuickAssist is now available to PSCU Member-Owners for both credit and debit.

“PSCU developed QuickAssist for debit in close collaboration with our Member-Owners, just like we did when we originally launched the platform,” said Tom Gandre, PSCU EVP and Chief Operating Officer. “Feedback on the platform has been very positive, and the impact on the credit union member experience is impressive. We are excited to make QuickAssist available to our Member-Owners for debit as well as credit.”

Future releases of QuickAssist will include additional enhancements that further serve the needs of credit union users and positively impact the member experience. PSCU Owner credit unions can contact their PSCU account executive to learn more about QuickAssist.

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