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Transform Members into Brand Advocates

Sustainable Brand Advocacy

Brand advocates are your largest marketing force and we’ve found that members of all ages are eager to support, promote and defend their credit union on a long-term basis. Their online engagement and trusted recommendations for your brand will influence others in their network and drive a sustainable source of growth for your credit union. All you need to do is activate them.

Key Components of Social Media Success

With Engagement Builder, all the social media capabilities you need to build more meaningful relationships in your community are integrated into an easy-to-use interface to help you listen, publish, engage and measure your success.

  • Listen to members, prospects and competitors to inform your marketing decisions.
    • Analyze relevant conversations
    • Monitor brand perception and sentiment
    • Track local market and competitors
  • Publish the right message at the right time with content planning at-scale
    • Access a steady stream of share-ready content
    • Easily customize all content to compliment your brand
    • Leverage content designed for Millennials and engaging for everyone
  • Engage members with localized campaigns and streamlined response
    • Discover and motivate top influencers
    • Amplify member advocacy and referrals
    • Achieve speed-of-social response to inquiries
  • Measure effectiveness, member sentiment and community strategies in real-time
    • Analyze campaigns with success analytics
    • Establish performance benchmarks
    • Quantify social media ROI metrics
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