PSCU Integration Services are designed to allow third-party integration of PSCU information and functionality that will help Member Owners deliver a superior member experience while improving operational efficiency.

The Product Architecture function at PSCU is a consultative service where PSCU systems experts seek to understand the goals of the credit union and provide the information and suggestions as to which integration tools will best meet their integration needs. Integration tools include:

  • API
    PSCU APIs enable third-party systems to integrate data and functionality from external systems into their systems. The host system determines where to present the data and functionality and determines how to consume the APIs into their systems. The APIs are intended for use in solutions that display information on demand.
  • SSO
    Single Sign On is available on many applications from MemberConnect, PSCU’s extranet that is the credit union’s single point of entry to PSCU, creating efficiency around multiple log-ins for frequently used applications. Member-facing applications also include SSO integration that allows the credit union to create a better member experience by eliminating multiple sign-ons as well.
  • Files
    Files provide a third form of integration with the PSCU systems for credit and debit. Files are used to update third-party systems with information about all the accounts – credit and/or debit. Files can also be used to update the PSCU systems with information about existing accounts – such as demographic information - and create new accounts on the PSCU system.

In addition, PSCU offers third-party providers access to www.PSCUPartnerConnect.com, which provides a sanctioned, structured process to access PSCU’s technical resources. The site enables them to manage integration activities directly, without the need for coordination and intervention from our mutual Owner credit unions.

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