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PSCU continues to closely monitor the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. During these uncertain times, our primary focus remains on the safety and well-being of our credit unions, our employees, and our communities. PSCU is committed to delivering the highest levels of support possible – especially when credit unions are faced with unexpected circumstances. To keep you as informed as possible, we have assembled this site to provide continuous updates throughout this evolving situation.

A Message from PSCU President and CEO Chuck Fagan – March 30, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We know you have questions as you navigate this challenging time. We encourage you to reach out to your PSCU Account Executive, your Service Executive, or call PSCU Service Delivery at 844-FOR-PSCU. Below are answers to frequently-asked questions, which we’ll continue to update as needed.

PSCU continues to closely monitor the coronavirus (COVID-19) conditions and has activated its Business Continuity Plan (BCP) accordingly. We are closely monitoring the guidance provided by health officials, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO), as well as federal, state and local officials.

We have enacted a temporary remote work program for employees, enabling as many teams as possible to work remotely. For business-critical employees who are needed at the office, we are providing compensation incentives, as well as configuring workstations to provide recommended social distancing between employees.

Yes. PSCU continues to take proactive steps in accordance with both our Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and Pandemic Response Plan. PSCU’s Crisis Management, Emergency Management and Business Continuity teams continue to have daily discussions as we prepare to respond quickly to this evolving situation.

Given PSCU’s experience in dealing with emergency situations like hurricanes and other natural disasters, we are well-equipped and ready to support our credit unions in a remote capacity. Our IT infrastructure is fully redundant and we can effectively operate our contact centers remotely, switching back and forth as needed between our six major locations.

Yes, detailed summaries of our Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and Pandemic Response Plan (PRP) are available for PSCU Owner credit unions here on MemberConnect.

Yes. PSCU’s Contact Center Services & Solutions team has successfully tested work from home for certain agents and is moving forward with procedures outlined in our Pandemic Plan.

With five strategically located contact centers throughout the U.S. to serve our credit unions and your members, PSCU is committed to delivering the highest levels of support possible – especially when you’re faced with unexpected circumstances. As school closures and other effects of the coronavirus impact both our credit unions and our employees, we expect elevated call volume in our contact centers. We are deploying Callback Assist to improve member experience during these high-volume periods and are adding a recording to inform members when wait times are elevated. We appreciate your understanding if wait times are higher than normal.

There will be no changes to the way that you currently contact us – all office phone numbers and email addresses will remain unchanged.

In order to best ensure the health and safety of our people while continuing to serve our Owner credit unions, our Service Delivery team is working remotely. While current peaks in volume may lead to some impact on our typical service levels and response time, please be assured that PSCU remains readily available for your needs and requests.

As our Owner credit unions take steps to support members in different ways during this challenging time, including adjustments in controls around your members’ card accounts, we remind our credit unions – if you do intend to take any steps on account adjustments – to please complete and return the Emergency Services Request Form via the Service Requests widget in MemberConnect. If you do not have access to the Service Portal, your Service Executive can provide you with an Emergency Services Request Form to complete. Once submitted, the form will automatically be routed to the appropriate areas to process. This will allow credit unions to proceed with emergency actions including emergency credit line increases, skip-pay transactions, and controls/authorizations on accounts.

PSCU does not currently anticipate delays with plastic production. We have worked with our partners on increased inventory and have confidence in our ability to meet predicted production needs.

We do not currently anticipate any issues with Member Insight reporting, which is largely automated. We continue to work with our partners on other reporting.

PSCU’s Risk Management team has implemented its Business Continuity plan. While the team continues to operate business as usual, executing fraud monitoring and strategy development on behalf of our Owners, we have put a variety of measures in place to ensure ongoing operations in our Fraud Detection contact centers in St. Petersburg and Phoenix. Disputes and non-fraud disputes continue to be processed.

We have postponed Member Forum 2020, originally scheduled for April 21-23 in San Francisco. New Member Forum dates and a new location will be communicated as soon as they are confirmed. We will also host a virtual event, with more details coming soon.

Yes. PSCU is in regular contact with its vendors, partners, and service providers during this time, ensuring that their own business continuity and/or pandemic response plans are in place and active at this time to ensure uninterrupted service for our credit unions and their members.

Resources and Guidance for Credit Unions

In addition to our regular communications and operational efforts, PSCU is also providing our credit unions with thought leadership and guidance to best serve their members during these uncertain times.


Enhancing Your Member Experience in Stressful Situations

PSCU’s Advisors Plus Consulting team recently hosted a webinar to help credit unions make informed decisions around emergency actions, including emergency credit line increases, skip-pay transactions and controls/authorizations on accounts. To access a recording, click here.

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Special Assistance

Special Assistance: During this unprecedented time, Advisors Plus is offering assistance with questions you may have regarding payments strategy, contact center operations and member experience. Please ask your question by clicking the button below and your question will be routed to a consultant for advice.

Ask Advisors Plus

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How the Credit Union
Community is Helping

Founded by PSCU’s first employee and named in his honor, the David J. Serlo Employee Hardship Foundation (SEHF) recognizes that employees may experience an emergency or unforeseen circumstance that requires emergency financial assistance. The SEHF, funded by employee donations, is available to assist eligible employees who are experiencing a personal financial crisis and who have exhausted all other avenues for obtaining assistance. Grants are based on financial hardship and that hardship must be catastrophic, documentable, and not of the recipient's own making. To learn more about establishing a foundation, the application and grant review process, contact Merry Pateuk.

People Helping People

Art Peters, COO
Dow Chemical Employees’ Credit Union

"Through our ‘let’s make it happen’ attitude, we have successfully stood up a work from home (WFH) program, procured phones and laptops for staff, and have reconfigured our systems and processes to ensure excellent service to our members in this time of challenge and uncertainty."

People Helping People

Jim Morrell, President & CEO
Peninsula Credit Union

"Small-enough-to-care and big-enough-to-help Peninsula Credit Union (Shelton, WA) is helping members with specialized lending options for temporary relief and means to increase cash flow. These include interest only and payment deferral loan modifications, no-to-low interest loans, debt consolidation loans, release of held funds on secured loans, waived fees, cash advance fee waivers and more. Peninsula has also provided their members with an online toolkit for surviving a financial crisis. More information can be found here."

People Helping People

Joe Lovasz, Vice President, Products & Payments
Virginia Credit Union

"'We got you' is more than just a tagline for Virginia Credit Union. Actively helping members to stay safe, healthy, and financially sound, we are sharing messaging to put members’ minds at ease. The credit union has increased daily ATM limits and has the ‘skip pay’ feature ready for members that need it. Like many others, Virginia Credit has implemented drive through-only servicing at our branches, except for some as-needed individual appointments with branch representatives."

People Helping People

Edyta Martula, SVP, Head of Retail Strategy and Credit Card Services
Polish & Slavic Federal Credit Union

"One of the most fundamental reasons for joining a credit union is to be part of a community that, above all, values people. We are working individually with members affected by the pandemic by reducing and deferring loan payments, and have made changes to our fee schedule and operations. Significantly, our Board established the PSFCU Coronavirus Relief Fund and allocated an initial contribution $250,000. The Fund’s resources will be distributed to local organizations that demonstrate initiatives to support our communities and members during the COVID-19 outbreak."

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